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How does woonruimtenu work?

Always stay up to date with the latest rental properties based on your personal search profile. You can specify attributes that match your search data and receive instant email and / or push notifications in your phone / desktop. You can set the types of notifications you want to receive. Naturally, it saves you a lot of work: you no longer have to search the internet yourself and you can view all the information about the house, location, specifications and all photos for free. Different conditions apply to each accommodation. We will look it up for you. A security deposit may be charged or special income may be required. For example, smoking is prohibited in some households, it is not allowed to keep pets in every rental house.

Contact landlords directly!

Would you like to contact the landlord directly? Then it is necessary to switch to a paid account. We have several options here. You can upgrade (or log out) through your account. Simple, right? Certain hosts do not allow children under certain ages due to noise pollution. Sometimes the space can be rented for a specific period and registration may or may not take place. We also look at which taxes and surcharges have been calculated for you. So you have full insight into the total rental price and conditions! Please note that every landlord has specific requirements that are not always listed on the site. For the latest information, it is best to contact the relevant landlord.